Leadership Champions (UK) Limited. Performance Improvement Specialists

Why Champions?

We are a little biased when it comes to this subject.
However, here are a few facts about us that nobody can deny (and that are of great benefit to you!)

We're Unique! 

We are the only full-service management consultancy focused on High-Reliability Organisational (HRO) Principles working in the rail and construction sector!  This is important because, although we take inspirations from around the world, the UK infrastructure sector uniquely different.

We live and breathe all things to do with performance improvement.

It's not a sideline, or an after-thought, or something that's nice to put in the company brochure. It's what we do, day in, day out and that means you get the best results. 

We Faciliate Rapid Change

We're inquisitive by nature. This often leads to innovative ways of delivering projects (and, sometimes, horrible tasting sandwiches). It also means we approach problems from unique angles that you may never have thought of.

We're also a privately owned company, and we are passionate about results!

We have nobody to answer to, except our client.  Which means we actively search for and work with businesses that we get excited about. We specialise in helping organisations do what they are supposed to be doing, even better.

We're Easy To Work With
  1. Leadership Development Objectives
We try to keep things simple and are pretty straightforward. We believe business and life goals should be a heady succession of:

  • Exciting projects
  • Clear objectives
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Trusted relationships 

What Makes Us A Valuable Partner? 

Ideas - We know there are more good ideas than there is time to execute.
- We use tools such as SCRIA, TRIZ, BMC, and BridgeLight Data Mining to solve difficult problems.
- We promulgate ideas that inspire, excite, arouse and motivate.
- We optimize strategies that support savings and drive impact.
– We have a firm commitment to deliver results and ROI.

Imagination – We hold a strong belief that anything is possible.
Integrity – We offer transparency and accountability in everything we do.

We strive to produce spectacular results that are defined by creativity, innovation, strategic relevance and rigorous execution. This coordinated, efficient approach guarantees that our clients get more for their money and, as a result, receive maximum returns.

Making Change Happen

We work with executives, individuals, and teams within the construction, rail, highways and airport sector. 
Are you a visionary thinker? Seen as a change agent? Inclusive Operator? Ethically Orientated? Results Driven?
We encourage individuals and teams to recognise the ‘value' of the strategy map design for each project we engage on.  Offering a simple step-by-step approach for continuous improvement.

Our proven methodology ensures quick wins for participants, but over the lifetime of the programme, significant benefits can be identified.  

Typical ROI on our fee is around 300%! 
Carry out Collaborative Profile assessments of joint project teams to understand individual and team strengths.  Understand knowledge gaps and how to fill them.  Then evaluate any associated risks/opportunities.

Why not use our three-tiered approach for fulfilling project objectives:

  1. Rank by impact
  2. Rank by risk
  3. Identify lead / lag measures
Lets Talk
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.