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UKRIA 2018 AwardS (Finalist) 

The UK Rail Industry Awards - UKRIA 2018, is the biggest and most attended celebration of success in the rail industry. We are delighted to announce, Leadership Champions are finalists in the Environmental and Sustainability category for work delivered on the VolkerFitzpatrick WAML Project (circa £140m) 
The winner will be announced on the 22nd March 2018.    

  1. The Challenge:
    To define and embed core environmental and sustainable themes (Key Reporting Areas) across the 'highest value' project in flight with VolkerFitzpatirck. To support the boards desire to completely overhaul the Corporate Sustainability Strategy (LIFE). Promote continuous Learning and Development, utilising sustainability ‘Champions' and ‘EFQM Scrum/Sprint' sessions to close out KRAs. John Cox, Managing Director, VolkerFitzpatrick said “During 2017, we undertook a complete review of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy; introducing a LIFE (Lead, Innovate, Future-proof, Evolve) sustainability model to make a real difference to the collective understanding of priorities and actions required to achieve business goals on the WAML programme".
  2. The Solution:
    To enhance consistency in messaging around the ‘Terms of Reference,' Leadership Champions were engaged to provide expert facilitation support on KPI definition, KPI ownership, process refinement, standards alignment, and embed agile project management tools into day-to-day activities. By focusing on a Balanced Scorecard for WAML, the team showed a 100% improvement in maintaining focus on KPI performance. Simple tools (i.e., strategy roadmap, work compass, KPI checker, Kanban workflow, EFQM Scrum/Sprint Reviews) were deployed to help the team focus on the work that is important and not to go down rabbit holes.
  3. Client Benefits:
    When individuals and teams worked more closely together, incremental benefits added up to significant operational advantages. We reduced the duration of time to process environmental and sustainability issues from 12 to 2 days There was 42% improvement of essential operational service functions (e.g. design reviews, BIM modelling - stations) There was a 70% improvement in supply chain engagement (i.e., benchmark reviews, SME Scrum/Sprints, Knowledge Exchange, and behavioural change)

Transformation at speed and scale:

 VolkerFitzpatrick, were awarded the Network Rail southern multi-functional framework – Anglia route (MFF) in 2014. Anglia Route Collaboration (ARC) will deliver platform extensions, station enhancements, new footbridges and upgrades to bridges and embankments along the Anglia route.

The West Anglia Main Line (WAML), a £140 million upgrade scheme will improve connectivity to the planned £3.5bn Meridian Water Housing scheme in Edmonton, which is set to deliver 8,000 homes as one of 20 proposed London housing zones.
Trailblazing Quality and Efficiency 
  • Workplace
  • Marketplace
  • Enviroment and
  • Community 

Meeting Business Objectives

Managers and Leaders were coached in the principles and practices needed to deliver superior performance during the ramp-up of the project. We worked closely with VolkerFitzpatrick (and their supply chain)  on a pilot Learning and Development Plan designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Make a human connection
  • Discover the real job to be done
  • Share information openly to help everyone win
  • Manage change horizontally & vertically 
"Traditional command-and-control pyramids are going to give way to distributed-authority networks; Organisational structures are flattening out.  We needed a new plan..."

To win the hearts and minds of the people delivering the MFF framework, and ensure lessons learned from the WAML programme were not lost, provision was made for a LEADING A HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAMME.  

Our approach offered VolkerFitzpatrick a holistic, personality-based understanding of team strengths, weaknesses, and culture, and to better understand how members’ personalities and motivators may support or hinder the WAML LIFE team effectiveness in light of the team’s character, business, context, and goals.

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