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Case Study - Large Account Management

Learn how to establish a framework for the purpose of leadership development in the area of Continuous Improvement

The Challenge

A continual improvement framework enables leaders and their teams to identify opportunities for streamlining work processes and create operational efficiencies of financial savings.  An ongoing effort may include improvements to products, or services. These efforts can seek "incremental" improvement over time or "breakthrough" improvement all at once.

We offer a range of continuous improvement programmes designed to help you drive performance within your organization.  These programmes aim to develop the skills and build expertise in a variety of disciplines - focussing the on the mindsets and behaviours which support /complement LEAN philosophy. 


2-Day Continuous Improvement Masterclass

Need to get a project kick-started? Want your stakeholders on one page? Hit a roadblock? Running a focused, well-designed workshop can be an valuable catalyst for change.

A well-designed workshop has little in common with time-wasting, expensive meetings. Properly planned with a clear and managed agenda, they are powerful forums in which to break through issues and harness the creative juices required to solve a problem or pave the way forward.

Even the most active and inventive of minds can be forced into a malaise in the face of responding to tenders, proposals, bids and pitches. A facilitated workshop will remove that torpor, leaving you clear to tap into the thoughts and ideas of others. It remains a truism: 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'.

Many organisations become distracted trying to analyse and interpret the tender document to identify the subliminal messages. And so the opportunity for creative problem-solving and development of innovative solutions are lost, or at best, a hit and miss affair.

Tender Success' consultants have seen firsthand the considerable value of using workshops to challenge the issues that choke progress. Using these collaborative events, we challenge the issues head-on, leading to the kind of plans and actions which win business.

Some examples are:

realisation that the client's relationship team was failing - at the risk of losing business worth $350 million pa
development and deployment of a web-based solution to record and share benchmarking data
creation and sponsorship of a panel of industry experts to provide ongoing innovation an thought leadership
provision of a vender-sponsored scholarship and development of a University training course to address an identified shortage of skilled workers
What Are the Benefits of holding a Workshop?
Your solutions become more effective because they are created, understood and owned by the people impacted
You gain cross-organisation understanding and buy-in, both for opportunities and proposal processes
Your Proposal Team becomes re-energised and the team members realigned
Your key players regain focus and objectivity- especially when tight deadlines and limited resources threaten a quality response
How Do They Work?
Of course, workshops can be facilitated at various stages of a tender response, but from our experience, a well-established 'kick-off' workshop will set the tone for any tender response. Done well, they really inspire teams and ignite innovation; done poorly, they can demoralise teams and lead to cut-and-paste submissions.

Core elements of successful workshops are:

Appropriate Planning
Inviting the right people
A 'neutral' facilitator to guide the process and ask the difficult questions
A succinct agenda sent out in advance including:
Workshop Purpose
Timeframes and Intended Outcomes for Each Item
A review of the workshop purpose and agenda right at the start
Use of a timer to guide discussions and to keep the meeting on track
Establish ground rules - Team Code of Conduct
Use of a Parking Board - to 'park' information either for later or for follow up.
The creation of an Action List
A review of discoveries at close
Contact Tender Success for a free telephone consultation and discover whether a workshop will re-energise your team and get your response over the line.

  • Compliance
  • Strategic Fit
  • Competitive Focus
  • Writing Quality
  • Graphics & Figures
  • Document Layout/Design
Coninuous Improvement Health Check
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For each item, industry best practice is outlined and then compared with your responses.

At the close of the report you'll find a series of recommendations for future development.

How Much Does It Cost?
We've developed this service in response to the large number of organisations who do not have an endless budget to spend on consultants. In fact, a typical report costs much less than having a consultant spend a day with your business.

Whilst the exact cost will vary depending on the scope of the benchmarking required, the following two examples provide a range:

Example 1: The Small Business. Joe Bloggs Landscaping is a small business responding to around 30-40 local government tenders every year. They have a very simple business strategy and their responses tend to be around 50 pages long. After a short initial consultation by telephone they send Tender Success two past RFTs and their responses to them. Tender Success analyse the responses, develop a report and provide specific areas for improvement. Cost: ~$2000
Example 2: The Medium-sized Organisation. CorpSoft is a medium-sized software company responding to 2-3 very specific, high-value federal government RFTs every year. Their business strategy is clearly defined and their tender responses are technical and lengthy. After an initial meeting with Tender Success, they supply their last 2-3 past responses along with the RFTs. Tender Success analyse the responses, develop a detailed report and present their findings along with several re-worked examples. Cost: ~$5000
Example 3: The Large Corporate. Acme Staffing is a global recruitment company issuing hundreds of multi-million dollar responses annually. Their business and sales strategies are multi-faceted. Following a face-to-face interstate consultation, they provide several very different documents including RFTs, unsolicited proposals and Powerpoint pitching presentations. Tender Success develop a detailed analysis, several reworked examples and a very detailed report. Findings are presented in a half-day workshop. Cost: ~$8000 (+ further $1500 to analyse and report on their PPT Slide Pack)

To talk to one of our experts about benchmarking, call us on 02 8006 BIDS (2437) or contact us using this form.

Ad Hoc Consulting

When you are satisfied with our services, we offer affordable hands-on follow-up support for strategy implementation. 

Our process works because everyone we empower individuals and teams to contribute to the success of the project or initiative. Our process maintains momentum and a culture of collaboration and accountability, whilst we try not intrude too heavily on individuals ‘day-to-day' objectives.

Making Change Happen

We work with executives, individuals, and teams within the construction, rail, highways and airport sector. 
Are you a visionary thinker? Seen as a change agent? Inclusive Operator? Ethically Orientated? Results Driven?
We encourage individuals and teams to recognise the ‘value' of the strategy map design for each project we engage on.  Offering a simple step-by-step approach for continuous improvement.

Our proven methodology ensures quick wins for participants, but over the lifetime of the programme, significant benefits can be identified.  

Typical ROI on our fee is around 300%! 
Carry out Collaborative Profile assessments of joint project teams to understand individual and team strengths.  Understand knowledge gaps and how to fill them.  Then evaluate any associated risks/opportunities.

Why not use our three-tiered approach for fulfilling project objectives:

  1. Rank by impact
  2. Rank by risk
  3. Identify lead / lag measures
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.