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A Step Change in Continuous Improvement and Supplier Performance Management​​​​​​​

Over the past few months Leadership Champions (UK), JLA Consulting International, and TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd have been perfecting PRESTO, a 'digital toolset' to support better cost management and performance improvement across large infrastructure projects.
The PRESTO partnership was established to support the four pillars of 'supplier performance improvement'; (1) to make things easier, (2) better, (3) faster and (4) cheaper. 
TOPP Tactical Intelligence of London (originally founded in Italy in 2015), brings a set of "best of breed" business intelligence solutions for operational excellence, continuous improvement, and performance enhancement reporting. After the successful proof-of-concept installation in Italy within the highly regulated financial services sector in 2013-2014, PRESTO has since been developed to offer additional functionality such as audit, IT management and skill enhancement, and now services the majority of the market sectors and companies of all sizes.

Ultimately, PRESTO is a genuinely collaborative tool which can help build teams, promote cross-department communication and control productivity or waste in projects already in flight.

With the UK construction sector spend estimated to be worth a staggering £399bn between 2017-21 according to HM Treasury, principal contractors have their work cut out to mitigate risk and maximise return on investments. Many client organisations have come under intense pressure over past poor performance, overly optimistic cost estimates, with too many projects in delay. The time has come for the supply chain to take back control.

When PRESTO is deployed, each KPI owner accepts responsibility for improvement of the daily work processes. PRESTO Champions will be responsible for improving strategic outcomes – which goes back to the original mission, vision and goals.

Even if you have no previous experience of using real-time 'digital dashboards', the PRESTO project team can guide you through the platform to ensure you're up and running within a matter of days. You can then confidently manage your organisation's contract KPIs, identify weaknesses, and offer a 'future-fit' roadmap that will raise both individual and team performance. Right away your customers should benefit from ‘stabilized lean programme management’, and observe your people are committed to three core PRESTO principles (1) not passing defects forward (2) improve [process] waste management, and (3) total respect for continuous improvement. It's a win/win.

To our knowledge, this is the first time that a 'rapid performance dashboard' has been mobilised and fully mapped to strategic contract KPIs, objectives and assure quality at the source within days not months. The PRESTO team has stated its ambition to make the platform immediately available, and spent time to align to key reporting areas for Network Rail Infrastructure projects (e.g. National Performance Metrics, EFQM, PRISM, etc).

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The team, comprising of global change agents, data scientists and quality managers across Europe; brings a wealth of knowledge and best practice. 
Collectively, the group has co-developed a reliable 'digital dashboard' that will kick-start lean construction and align to EFQM principles, and focus on continuous improvement often missed on capital projects.