Leadership Champions (UK) Limited. Performance Improvement Specialists

Our Mission

Our mantra is "Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things."
It's all about measurable outcomes - not wishful thinking.

Our Purpose

Leadership Champions is a boutique management consultancy primarily working in the Construction and Manufacturing Sector. Our mission is “to provide large corporate enterprises (principal contractors) access to academia (key resources), transformation tools and techniques to deliver multi-year, £milti-million+ frameworks”.

We live and breathe all things to do with performance improvement.

We help our clients overcome their barriers to continuous improvement and growth through three core offerings;

1. Innovative Thinking​​​
We have helped conceive, create and commercialise numerous products and services with our 25 years of experience working on and in organisations who deliver major infrastructure projects (Rail, Construction, Highways and Airports).  This includes work with Network Rail (member of the National Commercial Directors Forum), from Amey to VolkerFitzpatrick .
2. Enhance Capability​​​
  1. Leadership Development Objectives
By benchmarking business services against EFQM and CMMI together with implementing Balanced scorecards ( PRESTO), we are able to quickly identify the appropriate opportunities and find the right ‘industrial partners’ to improve profitability, project delivery and technical sustainability. 

We have over 90% success rate for companies we work with deliver their own change programmes, and 100% success rate for those we help co-develop EFQM Excellence Model change programmes.

3. Fill Interim Roles
We help many of our clients fill the gaps in their management teams.  Our mantra is “To Show The Way, You Need To Know The Way” and we are steadily building a portfolio of a select number of clients (typically principal contractors), academia and institutions, that are amongst the forty 'digitally' enabled contractors in the UK and Europe.

We believe that through an unwavering commitment to excellence, we can become a beacon for change. Our clients receive better value from an outstanding group of people. Those clients then buy again and/or recommend us to others.

Client Case Study : Tier 1 Principal Contractor

"Leadership Champions understand our business. Our teams and leaders have really embraced the 'Champions Methodology'.
We have put some great ideas into practice and now our customers are experiencing the benefits that prove it works." 
- Programme Director, Rail Infrastructure -

Our client has yet again strengthened their market position by securing, extending and renewing a number of long-term contracts providing stability in their order book.  They currently are within the top twenty principal contractors in the UK and feature in the top ten contractors for Network Rail. 

With an annual turnover of £800m+ and having secured order book of £1.2bn, the business is in a strong position to invest in future technology and gear up for a continuation of work on major frameworks in the rail and highways sector. 

Typically, our role is to take them from a 85% business performance indicator,  to 95% - which requires a unique set of leadership skills, tools and techniques, particularly as the construction sector is being dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ into the digital age.  

Together we strongly believe leadership can be found at any level (it's not just a title).  If a culture exists that supports 'problem solving', 'scrum/sprint innovation' and 'helping clients succeed' we can all improve organisation health.  

We are currently working on Value Stream Mapping, Continuous Improvement, and retained to deliver the PRESTO Performance Improvement Platform. (KPI management in real-time). 

Our role: we help the client create business growth and identify knowledge gaps in their processes, largely through helping them conceive of and validate new approaches to construction, piloting those ideas in some physical form (typically site trials), formalise solutions through assurance, ROII, and checking alignment with core Vision, Mission and Goals, ready for ‘scaling’ across the rest of the business.

Leadership Champion's collaborative solutions have been used across some of their largest projects to maximize ROI. Using our systematic approach for managing problems, the client has achieved dramatic improvements, such as:

  • Shortened Mean Time to Resolve Technical Problems 
  • Improved 100-day mobilisation (post mobilisation) on major projects
  • Demonstrate greater visibility of supply chain risk
  • Enhanced skills capability through the pilot of RailSmart

        Notable achievements:

  • Finalist in a major industry Award for Environmental & Sustainability 
  • Retained to design and deliver mobilisation plans for (CP6)
  • Retained to design and deliver EFQM Excellence Model programme
  • Digitised outdated functions dependent on MS Excel using PRESTO  our Operation Excellence Tool

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.