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The Challenge

Connect Plus Behavioural Assessment

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PCSG has worked with industry leading clients to prepare bid teams for upcoming behavioural assessments.

For the M25 Connect Plus tender, our client employed PCSG to prepare their bid team for the behavioural assessment. The teams were informed that there would be a 20 minute technical presentation followed by 1.5 hours of discussion.

Our behavioural specialists researched how the assessment could be run.
We identified that, during the presentation, the Client’s Behavioural expert would be paying close attention to team behaviours and collaborative values, and during the discussion she would be testing their ability to engage in mature dialogue and work as a partner with Connect Plus.

PCSG’s behavioural expert, Dr Julie Bullen, designed a bespoke workshop, including orientation to help the team identify the importance of collaborative behaviour in the overall success of real projects they had experienced. We then ran practical exercises, practiced presentations and provided feedback, to build the skills base.

As a result of these preparations, the bid team went into the assessment with a higher level of confidence and awareness that significantly increased their scores on the behavioural assessment, subsequently resulting in overall contract award.
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