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Effective Communication

Learn how to present with impact using a framework focussing on strategic planning and problemn solving

The Challenge

Whatever you do in business, a good story can help you do it better.  In today's fast-paced business environment, there are times when you need to be heard. Times you need to be in full control of the messaging and demonstrate you have a response to a problem, business need...or unseat a competitor. 

To develop a truly powerful 'story,' you need a compelling back-story.  Use of strong metaphor's or analogy can help.  When they work, all the emotion and meaning you need can be delivered in a single image or word.  Your firsthand or witnessed experience is the best raw material for your story - be it work winning, strategy communication or motivational speaking.  

  • Charisma: Are you seen as an 'action-based' individual with a passion for 'making things happen'? 
  • Creativity: Can you bring high-energy to your presentations, the catalyst for great storytelling? 
  • Persuasive: Are able to engage your audience's senses early and often? Arouse your listener's curiosity? 
  • Listen Actively: Are you willing to engage with your audience and manage potential disruptive arguments?
  • An Inclusive Operator: Do you understand how to motivate others?  Is collaboration something you are passionate about?


2-Day Effective Communication Masterclass

During a 1-2 day facilitated workshop we aim to gain a deep understanding of 'internal and external communication' within your organization.  We can then help your people, teams and leaders develop and use customer insights or issues and turn them into positives. 

This can include helping them to get real clarity around risk and value management, and be able to inspire everyone into action.  Learn techniques to craft compelling arguments, capture the audience's attention,  and deliver successful outcomes. 
  • Align expectations and vision of different stakeholders.
  • Learn how to use your voice to command attention, leverage trust and credibility. 
  • Be aware that your body is talking before your tongue moves. 
  • Empower your audience to tell your story forward (the referral engine!) 
  • Create a multiplier effect.  Seek champions in your audience who can tell your story through their own words. 
Effective Communication Health Check
  1. Title 1
Before we do the actual communication strategy sessions we recommend a team 'Health Check' on the current state of the communications effectiveness within your organization (e.g. policy, strategy, process, culture,..). Studies show organizations with strong leadership communication skills are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees, encompassing; 

  • Decision-making techniques
  • Frameworks for planning, decision-making and problem-solving
  • Discover creativity in others
  • Resilience and positivity
  • Identifying and handling conflict
  • Self-awareness and NLP
  • Feedback reporting 
  • High-Performance Team Assessment (360 Degrees) 

On a recent engagement, we worked with the Sales Director of a £50m turnover, specialist contract to deliver a conference presentation. We offered support through all stages of the keynote development, offering a well-constructed, engaging, and authentic presentation.  Key steps included:

  • Conducting a presentation audit
  • Audience analysis
  • Story development
  • Slide development and content management
  • Coaching delivery 
  • Effective management of Q & A.

The result was a well-constructed, engaging, and authentic presentation.  After the conference, the client was asked to return and speak at a renowned international conference on constructing excellence (Intelligent Transport Infrastructure) 

Ad Hoc Consulting

When you are satisfied with our services, we offer affordable hands-on follow-up support for strategy implementation. 

Our process works because everyone we empower individuals and teams to contribute to the success of the project or initiative. Our process maintains momentum and a culture of collaboration and accountability, whilst we try not intrude too heavily on individuals ‘day-to-day' objectives.

Making Excellence A Habit

We work with executives, individuals, and teams within the construction, rail, highways and airport sector. 
Are you a visionary thinker? Seen as a change agent? Inclusive Operator? Ethically Orientated? Results Driven?
We encourage individuals and teams to recognise the ‘value' of the strategy map design for each project we engage on.  Offering a simple step-by-step approach for continuous improvement.

Our proven methodology ensures quick wins for participants, but over the lifetime of the programme, significant benefits can be identified.  

Typical ROI on our fee is around 300%! 
Carry out Collaborative Profile assessments of joint project teams to understand individual and team strengths.  Understand knowledge gaps and how to fill them.  Then evaluate any associated risks/opportunities.

Why not use our three-tiered approach for fulfilling project objectives:

  1. Rank by impact
  2. Rank by risk
  3. Identify lead / lag measures
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.