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Continuous Improvement

Learn how to establish a framework for the purpose of leadership development in the area of Continuous Improvement

The Challenge

A continual improvement framework enables leaders and their teams to identify opportunities for streamlining work processes and create operational efficiencies of financial savings.  An ongoing effort may include improvements to products, or services. These efforts can seek "incremental" improvement over time or "breakthrough" improvement all at once.

We offer a range of continuous improvement programmes designed to help you drive performance within your organization.  These programmes aim to develop the skills and build expertise in a variety of disciplines - focussing the on the mindsets and behaviours which support /complement LEAN philosophy. 


2-Day Continuous Improvement Masterclass

During a 1-2 day facilitated workshop we aim to gain a deep understanding of 'continuous improvement' within your organization.  We can then help your people, teams and leaders develop and use LEAN insights and structural design to effect sustainable change within project teams or across business functions. 

This can include helping them to get real clarity around risk and value management, and be able to inspire everyone into action.  Learn techniques to identify measures of success, promote innovation and deliver lasting change.  

Key areas of learning: 
  • Align expectations and vision of different stakeholders.
  • LEAN behaviours 
  • Change management 
  • Time management 
  • Commercial focus 
  • Business acumen 
Coninuous Improvement Health Check
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Before we do the actual CI strategy sessions we recommend a team 'Health Check' on the current state of the LEAN effectiveness within your organization (e.g. policy, strategy, process, culture,..),  encompassing; 

  • Decision-making techniques
  • Leading LEAN
  • Embedding and implementing LEAN
  • The LEAN mindset
  • Identifying and handling resistance to LEAN change
  • Cross-functional and cross-industry efficiencies
  • Self-awareness and LEAN
  • Environmental awareness and LEAN
  • High-Performance Team Assessment (360 Degrees) 

Ad Hoc Consulting

When you are satisfied with our services, we offer affordable hands-on follow-up support for strategy implementation. 

Our process works because everyone we empower individuals and teams to contribute to the success of the project or initiative. Our process maintains momentum and a culture of collaboration and accountability, whilst we try not intrude too heavily on individuals ‘day-to-day' objectives.

PRESTO > Making Change Happen

We work with executives, individuals, and teams within the construction, rail, highways and airport sector. 
Are you a visionary thinker? Seen as a change agent? Inclusive Operator? Ethically Orientated? Results Driven? Then you need PRESTO
We encourage individuals and teams to recognise the ‘value' of the strategy map design for each project we engage on.  Offering a simple step-by-step approach for continuous improvement.

Our proven methodology ensures quick wins for participants, but over the lifetime of the programme, significant benefits can be identified.  

Typical ROI on our fee is around 300%! 
Carry out Collaborative Profile assessments of joint project teams to understand individual and team strengths.  Understand knowledge gaps and how to fill them.  Then evaluate any associated risks/opportunities.

Why not use our three-tiered approach for fulfilling project objectives:

  1. Rank by impact
  2. Rank by risk
  3. Identify lead / lag measures

Some PRESTO Features

        P - PROCESS
  • Value stream mapping & SIPOC
  • Critical to quality (CTQ) voice of the customer assessment
  • KPI monitoring and effectiveness analysis
  • Operational readiness (support documentation management & history tracking)

        R - RISK
  • RCSA Risk & controls self-assessment
  • EASI (eliminate, automate, standardise, improve) cost-benefits analytics
  • Issue tracking and resolution cost/benefit impact analysis
  • Audit scheduler / tracker

         E - EFFICIENCY
  • ISO 9001e certification tracking & reporting
  • Lean Six Sigma waste identification & impact analysis
  • 5-Why root cause analysis
  • Client cost of doing business (per client) special service manager
  • IT bug & enhancement cost-benefit analysis
  • Process & cycle time measurement & benchmarking

        S - SKILLS
  • Real-time performance measurement & tracking
  • Lean Six Sigma skills matrix
  • Talent differentiators skill assessment
  • RACI sense-of-ownership reporting
  • Learning & development training manager & personal skill inventory
  • Merit badge 'gamification-style' awards to celebrate success in real time

        T - TACTICAL
  • Continuous improvement initiative lifecycle tracking & managerial reporting
  • Sense of urgency lean six sigma / Kaizen business algorithm
  • Low hanging fruit elimination accelerator

       O - ORGANISER
  • Easy-to-use IT functional touch point model mapping
  • Super filter capabilities
  • Best practice awareness news feed
  • Current to target state implementation Kanban project management board
  • RACI roles and responsibilities sense-of-ownership reporting
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.