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Chris Williams-Lilley Managing Director 
Chris is one of those rare individuals who combines the highest levels of integrity with supreme industry knowledge and an unshakable belief that if companies improve what they communicate and how they communicate then they will remove the majority of the problems they are experiencing.​​​​​​

Described as an individual who “brings a refreshing blend of intellect and insight” to his facilitation, “adept at securing engagement and distilling key issues that are often missed”, Chris teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people, teams and collaborators achieve their most important goals.

A trained Quality Assurance Manager, he is the author of several industry insight papers through the respected Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Recent articles include; "Sustainable Supply Chain Imperatives – A Practical Guide to Implementing Sustainable Outcomes", and "Leading for High Reliability”. He is also a well-known speaker on topics such as “piloting change successfully” and “building high-reliability organisations”.

Fascinated by leaders and institutions that have made the greatest impact in the UK Infrastructure Sector, he has discovered some remarkable patterns about how they think, act and communicate effectively. Essentially, the gifts that inspire people operate at their natural best. You can’t teach that!

Sector Knowledge:
Rail Infrastructure, Highways, Airports and General Construction

Lean, Value Improvement, Cost Optimisation, Collaborative Working, and Technical Sustainability
Andy Harrison, C.Eng, MICE, MIOD, MCIHT, C.Mgr, FCMI  Senior Associate
Andy Harrison, is an experienced Director and Senior Manager with 15 years at board level within multiple market sectors. Key areas of expertise include: developing commercial strategy, process improvement and develop account level plans to drive revenue; leading multi-disciplinary teams of up to 60 management staff; developing and embedding effective business models and operational frameworks to drive profitability; and embedding robust Stakeholder management strategies to drive revenue, service, profit and operational excellence. ​​​

Sector Knowledge:
Infrastructure, Highways, and General Civils Construction

Financial Management, Commercial Plann, Strategy Development, Operations Management, Leadership, Business Improvement, P&L Responsibilit, Stakeholder Management, Maximising Profi, Cost Reduction, Change Management, BS11000 Facilitation
Brett Knowles, BSc, MBA, CMC ​ Senior Associate
Brett is a long-time Thought Leader in the Strategy Execution space – in particular how to capture and measure strategic success. With over 3,000 clients in virtually every sector and from around the world, Brett and his teams bring a pragmatic “been-there / done-that” approach that has a bias for action and focuses on transferring the skills into their clients.​​​

His client work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune and countless other business magazines, books and periodicals. Four of Brett’s clients have been presented the prestigious Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame and his clients have been profiled in every book by Drs’ Kaplan and Norton.

Brett has written over 200 articles and blog postings and over 450 videos and is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars.

Brett’s clients talk about his simple, rapid-deployment approach as key to their success, but the deep ownership and understanding Brett’s teams build as the reason for the high sustainability. (Research indicates over 90% of his objectives and accountability processes are still in use 5 years after they were launched).

Sector Knowledge:
Infrastructure, Highways, Airports and General Construction

Balanced Scorecard, Lean, Sustainability, Role Clarity, Objectives and Key Results

Making Change Happen

We work with executives, individuals, and teams within the construction, rail, highways and airport sector. 
Are you a visionary thinker? Seen as a change agent? Inclusive Operator? Ethically Orientated? Results Driven?

Organizations need the capability to better see into the future – predict possible futures – and become more agile – react faster and faster.  Like a great athlete, you need several things to win the gold – the best tools, people, training, coaching…and practice.  

We are here to provide these for your team…and deliver them in a way that is compelling for your team, builds engagement and capability at the same time.  And the results are remarkable!

Our Commitment:

  • Help you discover and define required use cases for change.

  • Develop and execute a change management execution plan designed to help you meet key objectives on time and budget.

  • Lead you through a customized sequence of implementation sessions that will ensure your team is properly enabled to use balanced scorecards in all defined functionality areas.

  • Provide a single point of contact for questions during the first 90 days of transition to a High Perorming Organisation (HPO).
Your Commitment:

  • Provide a dedicated Executive Sponsor who has time allocated to complete the HPO Strategy Implementation and Platform configuration.

  • Actively participate in training sessions planned by Leadership Champions.

  • Facilitate the setup of dynamic reporting tools by scheduling the appropriate technical resources from your team.

  • Co-develop final deliverables, taking accountability of individual and team metrics that deliver sustained results. 

 Now that you know what to expect, what are your next steps? 

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